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Indianapolis, IN 46220

What's Really Eating You?

  • You're eating your feelings instead of asking for what you want and need.

  • You feel like you have no choice in life.

  • You’ve lost and regained the same weight over and over again.

  • You delay things in your life for when you reach a certain goal weight – relationships, career changes, even happiness!

  • You’ve said the words “I’ll be happy once I reach [X]lbs”

  • You’re fed up with all of this and want a permanent change.

  • You’re beginning to realize that there must be something more to life than worrying about weight, food and calories. [You’re right – there is! So much more in fact and you’re missing it!]

All of this is taking a huge toll on you psychologically, as well as physically.

Research shows that yo-yo dieting and weight cycling damages your metabolism, causes weight re-gain and increases your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and loss of muscle. I bet these were all things you were trying to prevent in the first place, by dieting to lose weight, right?

I offer coaching to help you get into a healthy relationship with food, exercise, your body and your life—so that you have the energy and mental space to focus on all the other important relationships in your life.

  • How would it feel to finally speak your mind, to set boundaries, to get mad, to no longer tolerate what you don’t want in your life and to finally stop eating your feelings?

  • How would it feel to reclaim what may have been missing for a long time: YOU!

  • How would it feel to let go of the harmful beliefs you hold about yourself, to let go of all those feelings you hold in so bravely; to finally, finally let go of the foods you eat to “make it all better” - and instead - replace all of this with compassionate self-talk, empowerment, self awareness, confidence and inner peace that promotes true holistic health—which includes emotional health, a balanced relationship with food and most importantly with yourself?

How great would it be to enjoy life? With all its decadence and adventures


The key to escaping the dieting cycle is the right mindset. The right mindset means finally saying what's on your mind, setting healthy boundaries, exploring your dreams, finally asking for what you want and need. Only then will you be ready to begin the healing journey of your body and your soul.

I can help you develop the right mindset.

I have helped many women heal their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. (That's you, right?)

and I can help you too!!


Amber Nunes

Birgit has helped me to understand that eating healthy and exercising is a journey not a destination. That it’s a way to think and live. She's lifted my spirits when I have had experienced setbacks. I’ve learned that speed bumps are part of the journey. Staying focused and moving forward is within my control.

Jeanne Truax

Brigit makes a is very motivating and encouraging at the same time. She is always reliable and ready to help and you can tell she enjoys what she does. It is obvious that she loves helping people achieve their goals and her knowledge of proper nutrition and how the body works is incredible.  Her professionalism and passion for what she does is second to none. She will provide the tools you need to grow and achieve your health and fitness goals while always making you feel like you are working with a friend. If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals then I would highly recommend Birgit!

Renee Portz

You are Awesome - Wonderful - Amazing! You are such a big part of my current journey in making me healthier; both changing my eating habits and exercising. Thank you for all you do! You are a great coach!