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Indianapolis, IN 46220

About Birgit



Emotional Eating


Exercise Obsession

Boundary Setting

Body Image

My Story


Sick of fighting food and your body?


I'm here to help. You can have a peaceful relationship with food and exercise--freeing you to focus on all the other important relationships in your life.


How do I know I can help you? I've been there!!


For a  long time I was feeling badly about my food choices and my weight. I was a slave to exercise, feeling negative and full of judgment if I didn't exercise, wanting desperately to wrestle my body into a more "desirable" shape, thinking if I was thinner I might finally belong.

I binged because I couldn't set boundaries, I didn't know what to ask for or how; I saw nothing but flaws... in short I was a hot mess.

These days I've made peace with my relationship with food. I love food, I'm happier, healthier and in tune with what's going on in my body and in my life.


Do I adore chocolate? Oh my word YES!! It's almost better than sex!! Almost. I love so many foods - all type of foods and my biggest Aha! moment came when I decided to no longer banish any food because it was bad - and therefore I was bad. What a crazy hamster wheel...

I began my journey as a certified personal trainer specializing in women's fitness, positive body image and behavioral coaching and I know I can guide you back to you. Through my work....

  • I have helped 100's of women of all ages get off the diet roller-coaster, stop obsessing about food, have fun with fitness and learn to trust their bodies.

When was the last time anyone has asked you how you'd like to feel? Or what it is you really need right now? (hint! It may not be food)

Having successfully transformed so many women's lives I naturally fell in love with coaching and I decided to take my work to the next level.

As an IPEC Certified Professional Life Coach focusing on

Personal Growth &

Health And Wellness...

I am here to help you move in a new, more mindful, loving, body centered direction

In our work together...

  • You will  create the absolute best version of yourself.

  • You'll discover that fitness can be fun.

  • You'll learn to find balance, set boundaries and say "no".

  • You'll learn how to ask for what you want/need in a compassionate, loving way.

  • You'll discover what's been holding you back from achieving your health goals and or life goals.

  • We will work through those limiting beliefs, toss out those old thought patterns and create fabulous new ones.

  • I'll help you create the changes that last a lifetime.

How would it feel to finally be able to live your life?